• Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Nearly 3 of 4 women will have experienced
    Fibroids by age 50.

    A significant number of those will endure life altering symptoms.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Yes, most of you CAN manage your fibroids symptoms with little hassle.

    Often the simple remedies around us help when taken properly.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    It's time we talked openly about this business of fibroids don't you think?

    And it's high time we demand some action too.

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A Network of Canadian Women seeking information on Fibroids and the Treatments currently available for Fibroids in Canada.

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CanFib and Forum Founder Pat Lee talks about Fibroids to a group of patients in Toronto. This short exerpt is from a 15 minute presentation that brought about understanding, laughter and tears
Fabulous publication from the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, contributed by the International Journal of Women's Health. It tells an excellent story of the current understandings, findings, numbers and known contributors to Fibroids as well as to the treatment of Fibroids. Check it out..

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