• Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Nearly 3 of 4 women will have experienced
    Fibroids by age 50.

    A significant number of those will endure life altering symptoms.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Yes, most of you CAN manage your fibroids symptoms with little hassle.

    Often the simple remedies around us help when taken properly.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    It's time we talked openly about this business of fibroids don't you think?

    And it's high time we demand some action too.

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A Network of Canadian Women seeking information on Fibroids and the Treatments currently available for Fibroids in Canada.

Contacting us at CANFib

There are plenty of ways to contact us but the very best is to use your Facebook and join the discussion. By kicking in your knowledge or questions you open the door for thousands of women to relate.

Social Contact


Joining is open to all women with Fibroids, you don't need to be from Canada.

Members can join in simply by clicking LIKE. Then use your Facebook account to stay in touch.

The focus of this group is to understand and nurture the now mainstream reasoning that having Fibroids does not mean having a hysterectomy. It has become common understanding that this is a choice. For some, it can be the best one for them, but for those who choose to "ride it out" there must be respect for that choice from your medical practitioner.

If your doctor says you must have one, get a second opinion, and ALWAYS ask for a realistic, non dramatic overview of what happens if you don't.

Many doctors are in their comfort zone with surgery, and many become insulted when their patient has gone off and studied. But you need to be in control in the relationship. If you feel pushed always shop for more opinions.

Is this the easy way? No. But many women, and large sections of medicine now, are in agreement that if one can... it's better to keep things in tact.

While CanFib began as a Canadian organization, the groundswell from the US and Australia is notable. We welcome ALL women to share and benefit.

If you wish to remain private, by all means use a pic of your doggy or kitty, even a sexy babe photo from an image site. Please do not use Google to hunt down images of women though, that would be unfair.

When sharing info, always remember that Fibroids can be like babies, we may all have one or more... but they are all very different. For that reason, unless you are pointing to double blind studies... treat your posts as your own experience, not as fact for the public. What works or you may not for others.

Lastly, any links that lead to a sales page or hype about cures that are not supported by double blind studies.. will be removed.