• Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Nearly 3 of 4 women will have experienced
    Fibroids by age 50.

    A significant number of those will endure life altering symptoms.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Yes, most of you CAN manage your fibroids symptoms with little hassle.

    Often the simple remedies around us help when taken properly.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    It's time we talked openly about this business of fibroids don't you think?

    And it's high time we demand some action too.

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A Network of Canadian Women seeking information on Fibroids and the Treatments currently available for Fibroids in Canada.

Tools that Will Help You Navigate Fibroids

BEST First Visit to the GYN Form

One of the most aggravating wastes of time women face when dealing with Fibroids is the wait time for the Specialist. And the MINUTE you walk out that door you don't get to go back for more info; you need to make a new appointment and wait another 3 to 8 months. 

By filling out this form you are emailed back information based on your unique case that will help you avoid up to three waits. 

The info you fill in is compiles and then formatted so that you can take it to your Doctors Office and leave assured you got all the info you need for that visit. Your NEXT visit will be more productive and your treatment choice closer to fruition by streamlining these visits to your benefit. None of the info you input is stored or saved, it is formatted and sent right back to you. 

Cilick to use the CANFib First visit form 

CANFib Brochures

About Fibroids (Plain English: Symptoms and Solutions in Canada) 
Side Effects, Symptoms or Aging? How to work with changes


Starter Kit Brochure

New? Start with a series of brochures that documents the various paths available to you. GRABBIT!

Join the Discussion

Want to talk to other women with Fibroids? Our group is fun, funny and empathic. Find comfort in numbers, LIKE our facebook page today and join in.