• Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Nearly 3 of 4 women will have experienced
    Fibroids by age 50.

    A significant number of those will endure life altering symptoms.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    Yes, most of you CAN manage your fibroids symptoms with little hassle.

    Often the simple remedies around us help when taken properly.

  • Womenin Canada with Fibroids

    It's time we talked openly about this business of fibroids don't you think?

    And it's high time we demand some action too.

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A Network of Canadian Women seeking information on Fibroids and the Treatments currently available for Fibroids in Canada.

Who is CANFib?

Canadian Women with Fibroids (CANFib.ca) is a website put together by endocrine disorder group creator Patricia Lee as a convenience to women with fibroids, who want tons of information in one convenient location.

CanFib is pretty sure that not every site needs to toss out the definition of fibroids on the home page, we are leaving that up to the Mayo Clinic and every other site out there. Instead we put out information that will HELP a woman with Fibroids learn how to deal with things, and what to expect in terms of treatment choices.  

One area of help is rapid links

The internet is chalk full of information but Google can make the search for a topic truly daunting. Canfib has scripted searches throughout for you and condensed them into one link, easy links! Our link to the latest in Europe will take you to the newest list of releases every time! It updates itself so you are always on top. The same work is applied to all our rapid links, skip the google work and click the one link that combines it all. Most of our rapid links are in the right hand margin.

Shared Stories

Peppered in this site are videos of stories shared by other women with the same issues. Each one has traveled the same journey but always in a different vehicle. Like babies, so many women can have them but few pregnancies are the same. But you will find the symptoms along the way familiar and where there is resolve, it's satisfying no matter what the course of treatment was.

Social Media Discussion Group

As well, you will find our discussion board on the home page. Just click like and you are in on the talk. Remember you can set who sees anything you say with each post in facebook. Much has changed and oodles of that change has come about thanks to women talking to women. None of what you tell your group ever appears on this site, it all stays on facebook only.


We are tired of getting information from JUST the doctor or gynecologist. Often that information is old, out of date and taken from the same book they all passed around when this issue started to come to the forefront 15 years ago. There is no question Canada is chalk full of incredibly good doctors but one has no guarantee that yours is. A little information on Fibroids from the outside can go a long way.

NO Snake Oil

A big issue surrounding information on the internet is the myriad of miracle cures, promises and places that purport to know how to cure Fibroids. Currently the ONLY proven CURE is a hysterectomy. All other treatments are just that, treatments. Some are treatments for heavy bleeding and some for fibroids themselves. But all listed treatments in CanFib are Health Canada Approved via Double Blind studies; no product or suggestion of treatment will ever be listed here that is not.

Lets started talking to each other out loud and at the same time.. using our collective voice to demand change. We want more choices, we want  more studies of promising drugs, we want more information.

Ultimately we want a non invasive cure.